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Just Write HTML
Use anything from Javascript to CSS to SVG to whatever HTML you want.

Plug into Native
Then, plug it into native app and use it just like a native component.

With Nothing but JSON
All this, simply by writing a single JSON markup with Jasonette.

Try the demo in the video

Download Jason app to try the demo without setting up Jasonette

Use alongside Native Components
Interact with, style, and manipulate
just like any other native element

Take Advantage of Native Layout
Dissolves right into native Android and iOS layout

Use in a Native Scroll View
The container itself scrolls inside native scroll view

For example, below example demonstrates multiple web containers
plugged into native scroll view & native layout

Use as Full-screen background
Not just for scrollable components. Use it as full screen background too.

Write once, use everywhere
Write a web container markup in JSON and mix it into any context.

Native + Web = Endless Possibilities

Since each JSON Web Container translates into a native web view, each container is like its own browser. You can do anything you can do with HTML, Javascript, and CSS really.




even more <­script­>

Native as Input, Web Container as Output.

Mix and Match